AIn't no mercy for rabbits

"Ain't No Mercy For Rabbits is the story of Roan, 7, observant and feisty, who lives in a dystopian future with her Gramma, 60s, harsh and unforgiving. When Gramma becomes ill, Roan must learn how to live on her own in a world with undrinkable water."


Written & directed by

Aliza Brugger

Music by

Sophie Burns Potrykus

Virgins Eat Cake

"A group of teenage girls' innocent sleepover turns into a cult-like sacrifice of a boy who has wronged one of them."

Written & Directed by

Cara Griffin

Music by 

Sophie Burns Potrykus

Mr. Resistor

Berklee Film Scoring
Senior Year Final Project
"In a basement, Mr. Resister, who's made out of wires and spare parts, appears at the end of an electric wire. He sees a bowling trophy and cuts off the arms of the bowler atop. Mr. Resistor falls into and escapes from various traps, including being caught in a mouse trap and, with the help of his power cord, turning it into a motorized cart."
Under the direction of Professor Tim Huling
Music by Sophie burns Potrykus

MAkeup Routine

(Rough cut)

animation & story by

Liz Lengyl


music by

sophie burns potrykus