Virgins Eat Cake

"A group of teenage girls' innocent sleepover turns into a cult-like sacrifice of a boy who has wronged one of them."

Written & Directed by

Cara Griffin

Music by 

Sophie Burns Potrykus

AIn't no mercy for rabbits

"Ain't No Mercy For Rabbits is the story of Roan, 7, observant and feisty, who lives in a dystopian future with her Gramma, 60s, harsh and unforgiving. When Gramma becomes ill, Roan must learn how to live on her own in a world with undrinkable water."


Written & directed by

Aliza Brugger

Music by

Sophie Burns Potrykus

MAkeup Routine

*Rough Cut*

animation & story by

Liz Lengyl


music by

sophie burns potrykus

Mr. Resistor

Berklee Film Scoring
Senior Year Final Project
"In a basement, Mr. Resister, who's made out of wires and spare parts, appears at the end of an electric wire. He sees a bowling trophy and cuts off the arms of the bowler atop. Mr. Resistor falls into and escapes from various traps, including being caught in a mouse trap and, with the help of his power cord, turning it into a motorized cart."
Under the direction of Professor Tim Huling
Music by Sophie burns Potrykus